Digitus SATA connection cable

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Digitus SATA connection cable. Cable length: 0.5 m, Cable type: SATA III, Connector 1: SATA 13-pin. Package width: 60 mm, Package depth: 210 mm, Package height: 210 mm

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Product Information

No additional power supply cable necessarry

This internal data and power cable is suited, for example, for the application in HTPCs (Home theatre PC) and connects the SATA slot of the Mainboard with the built-in Slim-Line disk drives. The disk drives can be connected with a standard SATA connector and be pursued therefore also with every Mainboard. * Compatible with Serial ATA standards
* Data transfer rate up to 300MB/s
* 7-wired cable, UL2725
* 4 x Data wires, 3 x earthing wires
* 2-wire cable, UL1007, power supply and ground








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