Verbatim 49573 power bank 10000 mAh Silver

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Verbatim 49573. Battery capacity: 10000 mAh, Fast charging technology: Quick Charge 3.0. USB A output ports: 2, USB Type-C ports quantity: 1. Product colour: Silver

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Quick charge 3.0 is a new technology which allows high levels of current to flow to the battery, charging it faster. Both the device and the charger must be compatible with the same voltages and currents to work in the most efficient way.

However it is possible to charge an older device with a QC 3.0 charger, but it will charge at a voltage limited by the device itself.

USB-C PD is a USB-C port that supports another fast charging technology called Power Delivery. Like QC 3.0, Power Delivery (PD) allows devices to charge quickly over the USB-C connection. PD starts at the 5V setting and can vary up to 20V depending on the requirements of the device it is charging. Interestingly, if two phones that support PD are connected with a USB-C charging cable, one device could charge the other, with no additional power supply needed! * Quick charge 3.0 compatible power bank with three charging ports
* Pre-charged ready for use
* Charges smartphone and tablet devices
* USB-CTM PD input
* Charge devices faser with two USB-A QC 3.0 ports and one USB-CTM PD port
* Sleek metal design








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