FSP/Fortron CMT340 Plus Desktop Black

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FSP/Fortron CMT340 Plus. Form factor: Desktop, Type: PC, Product colour: Black. Front fans installed: 3x 120 mm, Front fans diameters supported: 120 mm, Rear fans installed: 1x 120 mm. Supported HDD sizes: 2.5,3.5". Width: 206 mm, Depth: 368 mm, Height: 471 mm

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The CMT340/CMT340 PLUS series is a mid-tower PC case designed for e-sports and PC gamers. It features 2 semi-transparent tinted tempered glass panels, a sleek metal chassis, all black coating throughout the inside and out for a streamlined look. The CMT340 is a complete package with the look and features that you would want for a gaming PC case.

Preinstalled with four 120mm 5V ARGB LED fans and latest controller to link with motherboards for SYNC, 20 modes and 16.8 million-color illumination to guarantee airflow and custom system designs to show off your PC built.

<b>4mm Tempered Glass</b>
CMT340 PLUS with left and front semi-transparent tempered glass, strong streamlined body and clean exterior lines, finished with dazzling RGB lighting.

<b>Compact with Versatile Cooling Options</b>
Room for up to six 120mm fans, or up to a 360mm radiator in front, 240mm at top, and 120mm in the rear.

<b>Large Capacity, Easy Installation</b>
Space-saving, CMT340 PLUS offers ample space for your motherboard, expansion cards, and cooler.

<b>Convenient Port Location Design</b>
The CMT340 PLUS sports more easily accessible 3.0 USB ports, regular interfaces and RGB button controlling light modes for greater connectivity.

With the pre-install fans that take in air from the front, hot air rises out of the case and exits out of the top and back in a natural direction for efficient thermal performance.








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