Hewlett Packard Enterprise NVIDIA A40 48 GB GDDR6

£8,929.01 (£7,440.84 + VAT)

Hewlett Packard Enterprise NVIDIA A40. Graphics processor family: NVIDIA, Graphics processor: A40, Processor frequency: 1305 MHz. Discrete graphics adapter memory: 48 GB, Graphics adapter memory type: GDDR6, Memory bus: 384 bit. Interface type: PCI Express x16 4.0. Cooling type: Passive

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Do you require higher performance computation for deep learning, high-performance computing (HPC) workloads, or graphics?

Companies are facing greater computational and graphics requirements as large and complex computational models become more commonplace. Traditional CPU technology is no longer able to keep up with these increasing demands. NVIDIA® accelerators for HPE ProLiant servers seamlessly integrate GPU computing with select HPE server families. Designed for power-efficient, high-performance supercomputing, NVIDIA accelerators deliver dramatically higher application acceleration than a CPU-only approach for a range of deep learning, scientific, and commercial applications. The thousands of NVIDIA CUDA® cores of each accelerator allow it to divide large computing or graphics tasks into thousands of smaller tasks that can be run concurrently, thus enabling much faster simulations and improved graphics fidelity for extremely demanding 3D models.


Increased Performance to Solve Problems Faster
– The NVIDIA accelerators for HPE ProLiant servers improve computational performance, dramatically reducing the completion time for parallel tasks, offering quicker time to solutions.
– Co-locating the NVIDIA Quadro® or NVIDIA GRID GPUs with computational servers, large data sets can be shared, dramatically improving display refresh rates.
– These GPUs are specifically designed to enable rich graphics in virtualized environments. Hewlett Packard Enterprise can satisfy NVIDIA GRID software via HPE Complete.
– NVIDIA accelerators can be configured and monitored by HPE Insight Cluster Management Utility (CMU). HPE Insight CMU monitors and displays GPU health and temperature, as well as installs and provisions the GPU drivers and CUDA software.








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