be quiet! Power Zone power supply unit 750 W 20+4 pin ATX ATX Black

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be quiet! Power Zone. Total power: 750 W, AC input voltage: 100 – 240 V, Peak power: 800 W. Motherboard power connector: 20+4 pin ATX, Cabling type: Modular. Purpose: PC, Power supply unit (PSU) form factor: ATX, 80 PLUS certification: 80 PLUS Bronze. Product colour: Black, Cooling type: Active, Fan diameter: 13.5 cm. Width: 150 mm, Depth: 175 mm, Height: 86 mm

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“Powerful Performance, Outstanding Features, Great Value

Power Zone 750W provides the winning combination of superior performance, rock-solid stability, and advanced cooling.

Whether you are assembling a high-power PC or multi-GPU gaming system, your build will benefit from the Power Zone features:

– Massive 12V rail design is ideal for overclocking.
– Full Cable Management supports maximum build flexibility.
– COOL*OFF feature run fans for three minutes after system shutdown.
– Connect up to three case fans for optimized system cooling.
– Designed for powerful operation even at 50° C.
– 135mm SilentWings® fan with innovative 6-pole motor enables quiet operation.
– 80PLUS Bronze efficiency (up to 90%).
– Four PCI Express connectors (NVIDIA SLI, AMD CrossFireX).
– Compatible with Intel C6/C7.
– German product conception, design and quality control.

Power Zone 750W delivers a best-in-class blend of performance and quality for a reasonable price. What more could you ask!”


With the massive 12V rail design the Power Zone can deliver up to 744W on the +12V rail, respectively 99.2% of the total power. This feature makes Power Zone the perfect PSU for overclocking your CPU and GPU.


The high-end Silent Wings 135mm fan with variable speed delivers best-of-class airflow yet produces very little noise. This is thanks to its unique, optimized fan blade design alongside an advanced fluid-dynamic bearing and 6-pole fan motor that largely eliminates operational noise, has a super-long life and minimal power consumption.


Up to three case fans can be temperature-controlled by the PSU, resulting in an optimized and quiet system. The “cool-off” feature continues to run the fans for an additional three minutes after a system shutdown, protecting valuable components at their time of maximum heat stress.


The use of Active Clamp and Synchronous Rectifier technologies guarantees a very stable operation. The PSU is equipped with DC-to-DC conversion for even tighter voltage regulation under heavy cross-load conditions. This ensures secure operation for next generation processors and graphics cards. Power Zone is designed for powerful operation even at 50°C.


Thanks to the modular cables, all cables that serve no purpose in the system are left out, which makes for tidier systems and easier installation of the PSU. The uncluttered layout means a smoother airflow, which leads to lower noise and temperatures inside the case.


Only the best components are utilized in Power Zone 750W. That is why we have used only high quality 105°C-rated capacitors on both AC and DC side for maximum performance, high reliability and longer PSU life under high load.








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