Allied Telesis AT-TQ4400e 1175 Mbit/s White Power over Ethernet (PoE)

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Allied Telesis AT-TQ4400e. Maximum data transfer rate: 1175 Mbit/s, Maximum data transfer rate (2.4 GHz): 300 Mbit/s, Maximum data transfer rate (5 GHz): 867 Mbit/s. Security algorithms: 128-bit AES,TKIP,WPA,WPA2-CCMP. Power consumption (typical): 16.5 W, Power consumption (max): 19.4 W. Placement: Pole, Wall, Product colour: White, International Protection (IP) code: IP67. Antenna features: Detachable antenna, Antenna connector type: N-type

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Enterprise-Class Outdoor Wireless Access Point

The Allied Telesis AT-TQ4400e Enterprise-Class Outdoor Wireless Access Point features dual radio for concurrent 2.4/5GHz operations with a high-powered amplifier and IEEE 802.11ac 2ss technology, capable of 1175Mbps raw wireless capacity.

The AT-TQ4400e is based on IEEE 802.11ac, with two-spatial-stream Multiple Input and Multiple Output (MIMO), which can deliver more than twice the wireless capacity of 802.11n Access Points (AP)s.

The AT-TQ4400e may operate either in standalone or AP-cluster mode, or be controlled by the UWC controller. It is suitable for a wide range of deployments—from SMBs to large Enterprises.

In large deployments with centralized control and management by UWC WLAN controller, operating costs are kept low by making the network simple to configure, monitor and manage. For smaller deployments, without the UWC controller, the APs can function either as standalone APs or as a cluster of APs. When operating as a cluster, the APs are grouped to share the configuration and manage the channel automatically, and there is a single point of management, allowing easy control of all Access Points. This reduces the cost for multiple AP configuration and operation management.

The AT-TQ4400e is equipped with advanced encryption and authentication IEEE 802.11i capabilities. It protects a WLAN by segmenting public and private access with multiple Service Set Identifications (SSIDs) and VLAN Tagging. Rogue access point detection provides the ability to detect unauthorized access points, thus preventing unauthorized entry to the wireless network.

The AT-TQ4400e can be deployed in harsh outdoor environments and is accompanied by a wall/pole mounting kit and four omni-directional antennas. Power is supplied via Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.11at, PoE Plus).







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