Huawei AR2240 wired router Gigabit Ethernet Silver

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Huawei AR2240. Networking standards: IEEE 802.3, Ethernet interface type: Gigabit Ethernet, Cabling technology: 10/100/1000Base-T(X). Management protocols: SNMP, VoIP protocols: RMON, RMON2, NTP, CWMP. Security algorithms: WEP,WPA,WPA2, Authentication method: RADIUS, VPN support: IPSec VPN, GRE VPN. Flash memory: 2048 MB, Internal memory: 2048 MB. Product colour: Silver

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Product Information

The AR2200 series enterprise routers are next-generation enterprise-class routers based on the Huawei proprietary Versatile Routing Platform (VRP), which take advantage of Huawei long-term accumulation in data communication, wireless, access network, and core network. The AR2200 integrates routing, switching, 3G, voice, and security functions. It uses the multi-core CPU and non-blocking switching structure and provides industry-leading system performance and extensibility, meeting service development requirements in the future. The AR2200 provides an integrated solution for enterprise networks, speeds up multi-service provision, and protects customers’ investments. The AR2200 provides two models: AR2220 and AR2240.

3rd Generation AR with Industry-Leading Performance
The AR2200 uses the multi-core CPU and non-blocking switching structure and provides industry-leading system performance, meeting network extension requirements and service development requirements of enterprises.

Dual-Mode Network, Supporting Flexible Access
The AR1200 not only supports wireless mode UMTS, LTE, but also supports wired mode fiber, copper cable, which provide customer flexible ways to access network.

Services Integrated on One Router
The AR2200 integrates routing, switching, 3G, voice, and security functions.

Open Service Platform
The AR2200 interconnects with the third-party IT systems by using the Open Service Platform (OSP) to provide a unified communication solution for enterprise users. The customers, agents, third-party vendors, and manufacturers can develop and use the AR2200 as required.

Outstanding Voice Experience
The AR2200 provides various voice functions for enterprise data networks, enabling the enterprises to communicate flexibly and efficiently.

Secure Service Access
During service provision, the AR2200 ensures security of enterprise networks. It provides a complete security protection mechanism, including user access control, packet detection, and active attack defense. This mechanism protects customers’ investments.

Intelligent Service Deployment
As the enterprise scale increases, enterprise users have high requirements on service deployment. The AR2200 provides USB disk to deploy devices and auto-config function for service deployment.

Simplified Service Management
Enterprise users require simply service management. The AR2200 provides the iTec, NQA, NetStream functions to simplify service management.
Applications & Benefits

High-Density GE Access
The AR2200 provides 24GE interface cards to implement high-density GE access. This interface card facilitates network operation and maintenance and protects investment.

High-Quality Voice Service
As a voice gateway for enterprise networks, the AR2200 can function as an IP PBX or SIP gateway.

IP PBX application
The AR routers have built-in PBX, which supports the enterprise main number, IVR, and bill query functions to enhance corporate image and improve enterprise communication efficiency. The AR2200 is located in a branch to provide the intelligent dialing function. When a fault occurs on the WAN, the PSTN network is used as a backup for calls. When the SIP server at the headquarters is unreachable, the built-in local SIP server of the AR2200 implements communication between the branches and communication between branch and PSTN network. This ensures reliability of the voice service.

SIP gateway application
The AR2200 integrates voice, fax, and IP services. When providing voice services for enterprise users, the AR2200 functions as the SIP access gateway of a branch to transform phone signals into VoIP signals. The AR2200 uplink interfaces are connected to the IMS/NGN network to allow any media including phones, handsets, and computers to communicate at any time.

3G Wireless Access in Branch
The AR2200 complies with 3G standards including CDMA2000 EV-DO, WCDMA, and TD-SCDMA, meeting the wireless communication requirements between branches and the headquarters. Users can use a 3G USB disk to deploy 3G services on the AR2200, saving service card slots. In addition, the 3G data link can be used as a backup for wired link to protect the xDSL, FE/GE, ISDN, and CPOS uplinks. The backup link improves network stability and reduces network construction costs. The AR2200 provides the NQA function to detect 3G link quality, ensuring the SLA.

VPN in Branch
The AR2200 provides various secure access functions to implement communication between enterprise branches and between branches and the headquarters, and to enable partners to access enterprise resources. Tunnels such as GRE VPN and IPSEC VPN are set up between the headquarters and branches to implement secure data access and transmission. The AR2200 implements fast tunnel deployment and authentication for branches. Using a tunnel, partners can access and share enterprise resources. The AR2200 provides authentication and authorization for users.

As the PEs of an MPLS network, the AR2200s are located in the branches. Different types of services are separated by MPLS L3 VPN. The AR2200 implements flexible deployment, fast distribution, and secure transmission of VPN services, while supporting enterprise service operation over networks.







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