ASUS TUF P1 Gaming Gaming mouse pad Black, Grey

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ASUS TUF P1 Gaming. Width: 260 mm, Depth: 360 mm. Product colour: Black, Grey, Surface coloration: Image, Material: Cloth, Rubber, Non-slip base, Gaming mouse pad

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Product Information

Portable gaming mouse pad with nano-coated, water-resistant surface, durable anti-fray stitching, and non-slip rubber base

  • Military grade protective nano-coating provides a water-resistant surface
  • Portable 260 x 360 mm mouse pad
  • Gaming-grade cloth surface for accurate mouse-tracking
  • Durable anti-fray stitching
  • Non-slip rubber base


TUF Gaming P1 is a 360 x 260 mm portable mouse pad with a smooth, gaming-optimized cloth surface for accurate and responsive tracking. This premium mouse pad features a water-resistant surface and anti-fray stitching for everyday durability, plus a non-slip rubber base to ensure that it stays securely in place even during the most frantic battles.

Water-Resistant Surface
TUF Gaming P1 is made of durable water-resistant fabric that protects against accidental spills. A military-grade nano-coating makes it easy to maintain, ensuring a consistent tracking surface that holds up over time.

Gaming-Optimized Cloth Surface
Whether you're using an optical or laser mouse, the smooth textile-woven surface of TUF Gaming P1 is optimized for responsive tracking. The silky finish allows for effortless mouse glides for unmatched control and accuracy.

Anti-Fray Stitching & Non-Slip Rubber Base
TUF Gaming P1 uses high quality anti fray stitches to ensure a premium look with long-lasting durability. And with the non-slip rubber base, this gaming mouse pad practically sticks to your desktop, assuring stability during your fiercest firefights.









2 Years


260 x 360 x 2 mm


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