Digitus Ergonomic mousepad with palm rest

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Digitus Ergonomic mousepad with palm rest. Width: 180 mm, Depth: 225 mm. Product colour: Black, Surface coloration: Monotone, Material: Gel, Polyurethane, Polyester, Wrist rest, Non-slip base

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Product Information

Ergonomically shaped mousepad with palm rest supports the wrist and natural hand posture

– Relaxed and comfortable work thanks to optimal support of the wrist
– Soft palm rest with gel filling prevents misalignments and protects and the arms and joints
– Flexible mousepad made of soft material prevents tension
– Slip-proof underside keeps the mousepad firmly in place at the desired position

The ergonomically shaped mousepad from DIGITUS® with a soft palm support and gel filling ensures optimal support for your wrist. This prevents misalignments of the arms and joints and facilitates relaxed, comfortable work at the desk. The underside of the mousepad is made of a slip-proof surface that keeps the mousepad in place at the desired position. The ideal choice for home, office or gaming applications. * Color: Black
* Material: Polyester + PU + PU Gel
* Dimensions (L x W x H): 225 x 180 x 3 mm








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