Tripp Lite SU8000RT3UHW SmartOnline 208/240
230V 8kVA 7.2kW Double-Conversion UPS
6U Rack/Tower
Extended Run
Network Card Options
Bypass Switch
Double-conversion (Online)
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Tripp Lite SU8000RT3UHW SmartOnline 208/240, 230V 8kVA 7.2kW Double-Conversion UPS, 6U Rack/Tower, Extended Run, Network Card Options, USB, DB9, Bypass Switch, Hardwire

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Tripp Lite SU8000RT3UHW SmartOnline 208/240, 230V 8kVA 7.2kW Double-Conversion UPS, 6U Rack/Tower, Extended Run, Network Card Options, USB, DB9, Bypass Switch, Hardwire. UPS topology: Double-conversion (Online), Output power capacity: 8 kVA, Output power: 7200 W. Typical backup time at full load: 5.5 min, Typical backup time at half load: 13.5 min, Battery recharge time: 6 h. Form factor: Rackmount/Tower, Product colour: Black, Rack capacity: 6U. Package width: 660.4 mm, Package depth: 1041.4 mm, Package height: 787.4 mm. Master (outer) case width: 660.4 mm, Master (outer) case length: 1041.4 mm, Master (outer) case height: 787.4 mm

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Product Information

Tripp Lite SU8000RT3UHW 8000VA / 8kVA / 7200 watt online, double-conversion UPS system offers complete power protection for critical network applications. This system delivers online, double-conversion UPS protection with zero transfer time, suitable for advanced networking applications. Fault-tolerant auto-bypass prevents unexpected service interruptions during UPS overload or internal fault conditions. Included detachable PDU with manual bypass switch enables hot-swappable replacement of entire UPS power module with no interruption to connected equipment. Enhanced availability, fault tolerance and simple hot-swap replacement options make this UPS ideal for advanced networking applications in data centers, computer rooms, network closets and rugged industrial locations.

Tripp Lite SU8000RT3UHW 8kVA / 8000VA / 7200 watt on-line, double-conversion UPS system in 6U total rack/tower configuration (3U UPS power module and 3U external battery pack)
Detachable PDU with manual bypass switch enables hot-swappable UPS power module replacement with no interruption in output power to connected networking equipment
Fault tolerant electronic bypass maintains utility output during a variety of UPS fault conditions
Hardwire input (3 wire) and hardwire output (3 wire) connections
Supports North American (L1,L2,G) 208/240v hardwire input / output, plus International 230/220/240v (L,N,PE) hardwire input / output
Optional SU6000XFMR2U transformer offers 120v output in North American 208/240V (L1,L2,G) input configurations
Maximum installed rack depth of only 32.5 in. / 82.6cm inches
Full-time active power conditioning provides clean, continuous dual-conversion AC output free of voltage fluctuations, power interruptions and line noise
Double-conversion operation converts raw input from AC to DC, then resynthesizes output power back to perfect sine wave AC with enhanced protection from harmonic distortion, fast electrical impulses and other hard-to-solve power problems not addressed by other UPS types
Maintains full-time sine wave output within 2% of selectable 200/208/220/230/240V nominal during brownouts as low 100V and overvoltages as high as 300V
Supports 50/60Hz operation for worldwide frequency compatibility
Expandable runtime is supported with optional BP240V10RT3U; BP240V787C-1PH external battery packs
Intelligent battery management system with temperature-compensated charging extends battery life
Some external battery configurations require the use of Tripp Lite’s External Battery Configuration Software (see manual)
Highly efficient operation in optional economy mode significantly reduces BTU heat output and operating energy costs
Battery independent restart ensures automatic UPS power-up without user interaction after lengthy power outages, even when batteries are expired and require replacement
USB & Serial ports enable data-saving unattended shutdown when used with Tripp Lite’s PowerAlert software, available via FREE download from
HID-compliant USB interface enables integration with built-in power management and auto shutdown features of Windows and Mac OS X
Includes slot for network management card options
Compatible with Tripp Lite UPS management card options TLNETCARD, WEBCARDLX, SNMPWEBCARD, MODBUSCARD and RELAYIOCARD

Optional WEBCARDLX (sold separately) with the latest version of PowerAlert Device Manager firmware (PADM20) provides enhanced remote management capabilities
PADM20 and PowerAlert Element Manager (PAEM) form a powerful tool for expanding maintenance functions in large installations, including firmware update checks and backup and restoration of device configurations
Optional RELAYIOMINI interface module offers three configurable hard contact closure outputs for custom event notification (requires removal of USB interface module)
Supports Emergency Power Off (EPO) via built-in interface
Included rail kit supports 6U 19 inch rackmount installation in 4 post racks
Optional 2POSTRMKITHD supports installation in 2 post 19 inch racks
Optional 2-9USTAND supports upright tower placement
Front panel LEDs and LCD readout with scroll controls and password option supports visual monitoring of all major UPS functions and advanced UPS settings for charge level, nominal voltage selection, frequency conversion and other operational parameters
LED / LCD display panel rotates for viewing in rackmount or tower configurations
Network-grade AC surge and noise suppression
Industrial mode option (factory preset) enables supports high current startup loads by momentarily switching to bypass mode in response to short duration overload conditions
Frequency conversion mode enables conversion of 60Hz to 50Hz or 50Hz to 60Hz (no de-rating)
External battery packs are field replaceable and hot swappable

  • 8kVA / 8000VA / 7200W on-line double-conversion UPS; 0.9 power factor
  • 200/208/220/230/240V 50/60Hz output, Economy mode option
  • 6U Rack/Tower compatible; Hot-swap power and battery modules
  • Add optional WEBCARDLX with latest version of PADM20 for enhanced remote management
  • Front panel LEDs with detailed LCD monitoring and control screen
  • Expandable runtime with optional external battery packs
  • Hardwire input (3 wire); Hardwire output (3 wire)

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