Toshiba MG04ACA200E internal hard drive 3.5" 2000 GB Serial ATA III

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Toshiba MG04ACA200E. HDD size: 3.5", HDD capacity: 2000 GB, HDD speed: 7200 RPM

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The MG04 series is engineered for nearline business-critical workloads. The 3.5 inch (8.9 cm) Enterprise HDDs are available in capacities up to 5TB and feature Toshiba Persistent Write Cache technology. Equipped with 6Gbit/s SATA interface, the series supports higher storage density, saving rack space and reducing the footprint and operational burden of business critical servers and storage systems.
The drives are available in models that support either 512e or 4Kn advanced format storage modes. The 4Kn drives (MG04ACAxxxA) offer optimum performance and compatibility with the latest applications and operating environments. The 512e compatible drives (MG04ACAxxxE) provide support for legacy applications and operating environments that require 512byte sector lengths.








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