Hewlett Packard Enterprise P23493-B21 internal solid state drive 2.5″ 7680 GB Serial ATA QLC

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise P23493-B21. SSD capacity: 7680 GB, SSD form factor: 2.5″, Read speed: 500 MB/s, Write speed: 340 MB/s, Data transfer rate: 6 Gbit/s, Component for: Server/workstation

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Do you need to increase performance at 10K HDD price points for performance-sensitive and very read optimized workloads?

HPE SATA Very Read Optimized Solid State Drives deliver up to 175X faster performance, 4X lower latencies, and 3X better energy efficiency than 10K HDDs at a comparable price [1]. Designed for very read optimized workloads – vSAN capacity tiers, NoSQL databases, business intelligence, Hadoop, analytics, object stores, content delivery, and AI and machine learning data lakes.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise SSDs are backed by over 3.35 million hours of testing and qualification [2], certifying reliability and high performance. HPE Digitally Signed Firmware prevents unauthorized access to your data by providing the verification that drive firmware comes from a trusted source. You can also monitor the lifespan of your SSD with HPE Smart WearGauge compatibility in management tools.


The Speed of SSDs Fused with the Affordability of HDDs
– HPE SATA Very Read Optimized Solid State Drives feature better value than 10K HDDs – thanks to QLC NAND technology targeting very read optimized (VRO) workloads.
– Experience up to 175X faster performance and 4X better latencies than 10K HDDs [1].
– 3X more energy efficient than 10K HDDs, providing annual savings on power and cooling [1].

HPE SATA VRO SSDs are the Reliable Replacement for 2 – 8 TB HDDs in Targeted Workloads
– HPE SATA Very Read Optimized Solid State Drives can help future-proof your storage by transitioning from lower capacity HDDs.
– Feature hardware that is 10X more reliable than 10K HDDs and 100X more reliable than 7.2K HDDs [3].
– Optimized for Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers that have used 10K and 7.2K HDDs for years.
– Includes full enterprise Hewlett Packard Enterprise SSD feature set for improved data security, end-to-end data path protection, and power loss protection.

HPE VRO SATA SSDs are Optimized for Performance-Sensitive and Very Read Optimized Workloads
– HPE SATA Very Read Optimized Solid State Drives fuse HDD-optimized sequential performance with SSD-optimized random performance.
– The VRO targeted workloads revolve around a typical mix of >80% random reads and <20% sequential writes (large block size), for which HPE SATA VRO SSDs are designed. - Endurance ratings are engineered to exceed the need of HPE VRO SSD targeted workloads [4].
– Target HPE SATA VRO SSD workloads: vSAN capacity tiers, SQL databases (business intelligence), NoSQL databases, Hadoop, analytics, object stores, CDN, and AI and machine learning data lakes.

High Performance, Exceptional Reliability, and Efficiency for Faster Business Results
– HPE SATA Very Read Optimized Solid State Drives are ideal for big data analytics, cloud computing, active archiving, database applications, and data warehousing.
– Achieve higher IOPs to enhance the performance of your data center.
– Maintain data accuracy with full data-path error detection.
– Choose from a broad portfolio of enhanced SSD solutions in a wide variety of capacities.
– Features 12 Gb/s SAS, 6 Gb/s SATA, NVMe, M.2, and M.2 Enablement Kits.




Data transfer rate

6 Gbit/s

Write latency

225 µs

Read latency

175 µs

Random write (4KB)

4500 IOPS

Random read (4KB)

54000 IOPS

Write speed

340 MB/s

Read speed

500 MB/s

Hardware encryption


SSD form factor


Component for


Memory type


SSD capacity

7680 GB

Hot-Plug support





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