SanDisk WDS100T3X0E M.2 1000 GB PCI Express 4.0 NVMe

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SanDisk WDS100T3X0E. SSD capacity: 1000 GB, SSD form factor: M.2, Component for: PC

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Product Information

<b>Upgrade Your Rig. Elevate Your Game.</b>

Get into the action now with the WD_BLACK SN770 NVMe SSD4. This purpose-built gaming drive boasts a PCIe Gen4 interface that delivers blazing speeds of up to 5,150MB/s (1TB and 2TB models).

<b>First into the Action </b>
Get into the match fast as you zoom past load times with blazing speeds of up to 5,150MB/s (1TB and 2TB models).

<b>Smoother, Faster Gaming </b>
Improve in-game responsiveness and streaming with the PCIe Gen4 interface for a performance boost you can see and feel. The interface is compatible with leading CPU and motherboard platforms and backwards-compatible with PCIe Gen3.

<b>Store More</b>
Available in capacities up to 2TB, the WD_BLACK SN770 NVMe SSD gives you tons of storage for your latest games with space left over for future updates and downloadable content.

<b>Turbocharge Your Laptop</b>
Get up to 20% more power efficiency at maximum speed over the previous generation1 (1TB model) for an even better overall gaming experience on your portable rig.

<b>Game Longer and Better</b>
Optimize peak performance in gaming mode and monitor your drive’s health with the WD_BLACK Dashboard so you can game with confidence.

<b>5-Year Limited Warranty</b>
Equipped with advanced thermal management technology that helps maintain consistent performance, this reliable drive from a trusted brand comes backed by a 5-year limited warranty.






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