Sapphire PULSE RX5500 XT, 8GB DDR6, PCIe4, HDMI, 3 DP, 1845MHz Clock

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  • GPU: Boost Clock: Up to 1845 MHz
  • Memory:   8GB/128 bit GDDR6. 14 Gbps Effective
  • Stream Processors:1408
  • 4K@60Hz
  • Dual-X Cooling Technology


The SAPPHIRE PULSE RX 5500 XT offers great performance at a price point that every gamer needs. With fast 8GB GDDR6 memory and redefined display and media engines, the PULSE RX 5500 XT is designed to usher a new era of PC gaming for 1080p gamers. Powered by AMD's extreme RDNA architecture, its finely-tuned Dual-X Cooling Technology keeps the GPU, Memory and VRM components cool and the noise level low. The all-aluminum backplate provides a rigidity that guarantees nothing bends and dust stays out. It also helps cool your card by increasing heat dissipation. Pivotal SAPPHIRE features like the Quick Connect Fan, Dual Bios Support and Dual Ball Bearing Fans keep your GPU running smooth and stable. Unleash your full gaming potential and embrace the SAPPHIRE PULSE RX 5500 XT as the beating heart of your PC!


Keep your Temperatures Low at a High Framerate

Fan speed is intelligently controlled to keep the GPU, memory, PWM IC and other components as low as possible in temperature to balance performance, and fan noise. The Fan IC Control on SAPPHIRE graphics cards reduce differential at approximately 3% which allows up to 70% improvement on accuracy. SAPPHIRE's Dual-X Cooling is powered by two massive yet silent fans and state-of-the-art radiator design. The streamlined form of our 95mm blades mean greater airflow and superior heatsink coverage at lower noise compared to standard cooling designs.

Brand New RDNA Architecture with 7nm Process

Powered by the groundbreaking 7nm RDNA architecture with Radeon Image Sharpening and Radeon Anti-Lag technology, Radeon RX 5500 XT GPU delivers extremely efficient, ultra-responsive, high-fidelity gaming for immersive explosions, physics, and lighting effects, bringing realism to life. Take your gaming experience to the next level. You can experience stutter-free, tear-free gaming, reduced input latency and day-0 drivers optimized for new game releases.

Featuring GDDR6 Memory and Compatiblity with PCIe 4.0

Equipped with 8GB of advanced GDDR6 memory to provide high bandwidth of up to 224 GB/s, enabling 1080p performance for today's most demanding games. Radeon RX 5500 XT features PCI Express 4.0 support, which enables two times the bandwidth compared to PCI Express 3.0. Get ready for the next generation of PC gaming.

Superior Gaming Performance with FreeSync Monitors

Pair your new AMD Radeon GPU with a large selection of FreeSync gaming monitors. With such a wide array of monitors equipped with Radeon FreeSync or Radeon FreeSync2 HDR available you can enjoy choosing monitors that are styled and run how you want, but by choosing a monitor with FreeSync and combining it with an AMD card of this caliber the results will be a stutter-free, tear-free and artifact-free smooth gaming experience.




Memory Type



3 Years

Chipset Manufacturer


Graphics Chipset

AMD RX 5500 XT

CUDA Cores / Stream Processors

1408 Stream Processors


1 x HDMI
3 x DisplayPort 1.4


HDMI: 4096 x 2160@60Hz
DisplayPort1.4: 5120 x 2880@60Hz

DirectX Support

DirectX 12

Multi-GPU Support


Max Display Support



Dual-X Cooling
Dual Fan
Two-Ball Bearing

PSU Requirements

500W or greater recommended

Graphics Power Connectors

1 x 8-pin PCIe power


See Overview


PCI Express 4.0


489 51062 8813 3


233 x 121.8 x 39.6 mm


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