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Trust Maxxon 0.8 kVA 6 AC outlet(s)

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Trust Maxxon. Output power capacity: 0.8 kVA, Waveform: Sine, Input operation voltage (min): 162 V. AC outlet types: Type F, Power plug: C13 coupler, AC outlets quantity: 6 AC outlet(s). Battery technology: Sealed Lead Acid (VRLA), Battery capacity: 7 Ah, Battery voltage: 12 V. Form factor: Compact, Product colour: Black. Width: 202 mm, Depth: 293 mm, Height: 93 mm

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Product Information

Reliable 800VA battery back-up UPS with 6 wall power outlets, suitable to power and protect your electronic devices

Back-up power
The Maxxon uninterruptable power supply (UPS) with built-in 800VA battery can keep electronic devices up and running temporarily if the main power goes down. Connecting your hardware to one of the three battery-powered outlets offers valuable time to save your work or in-game progress and safely shut down the equipment after a power outage.

Protect your equipment
All power outlets are surge-protected and the Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR) function automatically corrects too high or too low voltage to ensure a stable 230V output voltage. The Maxxon UPS also protects your hardware from damage by surges, spikes and fluctuations from the power grid.

The Maxxon UPS is easily set up and can be used with electronic devices up to 360W, such as your PC, home automation system, alarm, NAS server, router/modem or gaming console. The convenient top-mounted outlets make sure you can place the Maxxon anywhere: on the floor, on your desk or even mounted to the wall.

Clear alerts
The UPS is equipped with clear optical and audible indicators to alert you when necessary. In this way, you can act immediately during a power outage and save your hard work before shutting down the device. Both your hardware and data are safe from damage when using the Maxxon UPS! * Reliable 800VA UPS with built-in battery
* Provides temporary battery power during power outage; prevents loss of data and damage to hardware
* 3 battery and surge protected and 3 surge protected wall power outlets to connect your computer, computer peripherals, networking equipment, flatscreen TV, home automation products or alarm system
* Surge protected outputs to prevent damage from power surges, spikes and fluctuations
* AVR function to ensure stable 230V output voltage
* Clear optical and acoustic indicators for alerts
* Overload and short circuit protection
* Support for easy wall mounting

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